Change Management is more than just implementing changes. We know that achieving the desired outcome is all about continuous development rather than one or two specific activities. Therefore, we offer a complete solution that will take you from start to finish in order to achieve a sustainable result. Based on our method developed over years of experience, we offer a customized solution for your company that provides direction and momentum in your implementation.

Our Services
Experience, knowledge, and understanding of the business and its culture are often found within the organization; factors that are all important to run an efficient and successful implementation. Still, it can be a big challenge to find the right approach and structure to yield pace in a project. With Insource Change Method we support you all the way through your transformation.

Insource Change Projects
If you need to implement a new strategy or are facing organizational change, we work to support you in the most efficient way. We believe in engaging the employees on the journey and with our proven method and tools we will drive and guide your company to success and sustainable results.

Insource Change Program
If you need to enable your organization for changewe offer the Insource Change Program in which you will receive continuous support throughout your journey. This program includes support by our experts and a perfect toolbox that your managers and employees can use in the daily business.

Insource Additional Change Services
In addition to the Change Projects and Change Program, we have broad experience of facilitating workshops, arranging conferences and kickoff meetings, creating communication strategies, and providing inspirational seminars. There are many advantages of using an independent person facilitating such services.

Together we create success
Change and the need for increased efficiency are not one-off events. Processes always need improvement to keep up with dynamic surroundings. Our goal is therefore to develop and support our customers in how to work systematically with implementation in a way that leads to tangible and lasting effects. 

Shoulder to shoulder, we enable you to succeed. We provide support to managers and together we engage employees in the implementation. We believe that continuous development, support to middle managers, and solutions informed by both strategic direction and knowledge from the workforce are keys to success. Let our expertise in Change Management, combined with your knowledge of your industry and company culture, lead you toward a successful implementation with sustainable results, and managers that are well equipped to manage change in the future.

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Our Cases & Solutions

Insource kept us moving forward

Insource kept us moving forward

Insource’s program is a brilliant package that our whole organization has benefited from. It has become obvious how Insource’s ability to support and communicate our change journey in a simple and clear manner has been key for engaging all employees. By being engaged in a competent manner and receiving tailored communication our managers and employees have been given tools that they can use in their day to day activities. This engagement made the implementation of our new strategy a lot easier and we are now confident that we will reach our goals. We really appreciate the support we received from Christine and Insource. Many thanks!

Finding the reason for change is key for success

Finding the reason for change is key for success

We needed to make sure that our employees understood our need for change. Lacking lasting results, we brought in Insource to support us in our transformation and by stating a clear “why”, the missing piece was found. Insource Change method helped us determine a goal that everyone understood and supported us throughout the whole transformation. It was when designing our plan for how to reach our goal we realized the value of having a trained change manager onboard. By engaging all our employees, Christine Stadling made sure that everyone was on board. Her ability to translate and connect ‘why’, ‘what’ and ‘how’ was to our satisfaction and made Insource’s method exceed our expectations. Thank you!