Developing and implementing strategies is a complex task and varies depending on the scope and nature of the change needed. By offering a combination of experience and innovative minds, our method has continuously proven to be successful in aligning organizations and opting for a new strategic direction. The fundamentals of our method derive from data and people, two aspects central to useful insights.   

We are convinced that a balance of data and people are two important perspectives for reaching long-lasting results. Since the former supports the latter, our way of working always starts and ends with people – and in-between – we make sure to include data to support the progress. Not only does the data enable us to form an accurate picture of the organization’s present state, but data can also highlight attributes of particular significance or interest. As a result, it serves as a solid foundation for the client when needed to make well-informed decisions.   

Shoulder to shoulder, we enable you to succeed. Let our expertise within industries and processes, combined with your knowledge of your company, lead you toward a successful and sustainable result. 

What we offer

If you need to implement a new strategy or face organizational change, we work to support you most efficiently. For instance, we can assist in evaluating existing strategies and processes, as well as develop and implement new initiatives and improvements. We tailor the strategy for your organization and work shoulder to shoulder/together with the organization through the implementation journey.

For example, we can support you with the following:   

  • Harmonizing and centralizing business areas
  • Strategy facilitation and alignment
  • Implementation after mergers and acquisition
  • Create and implement new control models to ensure a more efficient operational process
  • Project Management
  • Business process improvements
  • Develop and implement new communication strategies
  • HR strategies including processes for employee surveys
  • Review and streamline supply chains and operations
  • Pricing
  • Cost benchmarking and benchmarking studies
  • Change readiness

Additional Services

In addition to the above-mentioned offer, we have broad experience in facilitating workshops, arranging conferences and kick-off meetings, providing coaching on all levels, and inspirational seminars. There are many advantages of using an independent person facilitating such services.

Our Cases & Solutions

Insource kept us moving forward

Insource kept us moving forward

Insource’s program is a brilliant package that our whole organization has benefited from. It has become obvious how Insource’s ability to support and communicate our change journey in a simple and clear manner has been key for engaging all employees. By being engaged in a competent manner and receiving tailored communication our managers and employees have been given tools that they can use in their day to day activities. This engagement made the implementation of our new strategy a lot easier and we are now confident that we will reach our goals. We really appreciate the support we received from Insource. Many thanks!

Finding the reason for change is key for success

Finding the reason for change is key for success

We needed to make sure that our employees understood our need for change. Lacking lasting results, we brought in Insource to support us in our transformation and by stating a clear “why”, the missing piece was found. Insource Change method helped us determine a goal that everyone understood and supported us throughout the whole transformation. It was when designing our plan for how to reach our goal we realized the value of having a trained change manager onboard. By engaging all our employees, Insource made sure that everyone was on board. Their ability to translate and connect ‘why’, ‘what’ and ‘how’ was to our satisfaction and Insource’s method really exceed our expectations. Thank you!