Difficult and time-consuming implementation

There is a great need to streamline many of the manual work processors available at our workplaces. Automation can be much more simplifying your everyday life and freeing up resources for more value-added activities. However, we have seen that knowledge of robotics and automation is often inadequate. In the future, we will find out and discuss the many preconceived notions about automation that we see in the market.

A misconception shared by many is that the implementation of robotics solutions is cumbersome, difficult and time-consuming. This need not be the case. Our experience is that it does not take several months, but rather weeks or even days depending on the scope of the project. What sets RPA apart from our model is that we use robots that are Dynamic, in other words, Robotic Desktop Automation (RDA). The software does not need to be integrated with other systems in the workplace, which makes the implementation process less time-consuming. In addition, Insource assists the customer with training and support throughout the process. Employees should be able to update and change the automation themselves. Instead of automating 100 percent of a process, it is often enough to standardize 80 percent of the flow. The remaining 20 percent are often deviations from the routine, which is much better handled case by case. Lift employees to improve deviations instead of trying to standardize something that is not really rectified. The job becomes more fun, the staff more satisfied and the effect better.

It does not have to be a large IT project where a customer becomes consultant dependent if the software is easy enough to manage. In connection with the implementation, we train employees at the customer so that they can then use the automation tool themselves. Why? When the employees have sufficient knowledge to make changes themselves when needed, the customer has complete control over the process.

What myth have we broken? Robotics is simply neither a difficult nor a long project. It is a software like any other tool that employees use in their everyday lives. Feel free to contact us if you want to know more.